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SINCE 1991 

HANAKO TOKYO Is the Japanese skin & beauty care brand in Thailand for over 20 years. We are a Professional Asian skin problems. With the model and recognized over 1 million members in countries around the world. Furthermore, COCORO HANAKO was created by HANAKO TOKYO (Phatthanakan) at 2012 to produce the products are of the highest quality QC check. Through world-class GMP 5 stars Peace of mind. Extracts from selected Grade (A). The result is not dangerous! All products have increased. / FDA.


Cocoro Hanako by Hanako Tokyo Co., Ltd. (Bangkok, Thailand) we are a professional Menufacturer of Beauty Product and Supplements . To do Export to Worldwide.


Public Magazine

By Seventeen Magazine

They said : In the column Beauty and Firm, COCORO HANAKOCool Anti-Cellulite Solution is the Slimming solutions that can beabsorbed into the skin quickly. For girls who have fat and celluliteaccumulated for both upper arms, thighs, belly and tightens theskin at one time.


Seventeen Magazine

July 2013

Seventeen Magazine

July 2013, issue 1685-620, page 250.

"By Aor"
A Popular Commercial Model  Japan & Thailand Can't Live Without COCORO COOL.
"By MC Ju."
Beautiful Popular net idol and MC of TV Programmes Strawberry Cheesecake Can't Live Without COCORO Ginseng Nignt Mask Cream.
Amazing results...

Cocoro review after 3 weeks. Let's say that it works than expected. As a mother postpartum, the body, cellulite and belly are different not thesame. I know that the accumulatedsignificantly. Where you will find theproducts that will suit with us? Thatallows the body come back to thesame shape. I met "cocoro cool anti-cellulite" i used 3 weeks to smooth my skin,reduce cellulite, reduce belly. And itsmake me different parts of my body, clearly.

-Pui Luckkana

Rakluke Magazine 


By Rakluke Magazine

The most popular mom&baby magazine in thailand.


Amazing results...

Cocoro very grateful. After thebottle is gone now ordered asecond bottle then. At first, ihavestretch marks after giving birthto the thighs and then improved it.Now i can wear shorts as it wasthen.............Very love Cocoro

-Sukontawa Komsatoon


1 Dec 2014, Channel 5                          ออกอากาศช่อง 5 

"By Joy Chonticha"
A Popular Thailand Star of channel 3 Can't Live Without COCORO LUMI Day Cream.

The most popular momy television programmes in thailand.


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