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We  Know...   What  "MOM"  Want


Smooth skin and firming body to be perfectly beauty



COCORO COOL Gel helps firming shape, just apply no need to massage, and not burn your skin. It is very popular for mother after give birth, safe for your baby and you will have smooth, firm and soft skin as you wish.


For first product of taking care of body, it can directly eliminate visible wrinkled skin and reduce cellulite from now on and forever. It is also reduce stretch marks, firming belly and skin. The result is decrease size of butt and thigh, and help skin firm and smooth. You will have good shape, reduce ademe and keloid in all in one product.


 “Especially recommended for after give birth and lose weight”


With advance in science technology, which is in processing of register 3 copyrights


Good for:

  • Who want to solve flabby skin problem after give birth and want to reduce stretch marks

  • Not firming skin after lose weight

  • Cellulite skin

  • Who want to have firming body with soft and smooth skin

  • Soften keloid scar


Size 100ml. (cool formula)


Lifetime: 2 years from manufacture date/ one year after opened using


COCORO HANAKO COOL Registration No.10-1-5846491

Newest innovation, privilege only COCORO HANAKO


From white cooling organic oil that we invented to be very small formula so that it can absorb into skin deeply and effectively eliminate cellulite in deep layer. Not only visible cellulite, but it also increases collagen and elastin under your skin.


Enhancing beauty, firming, and protect your body by nourishing skin that make you want to show how beauty of your skin is. 


o Firming skin

You will feel fresh and relax from soften scent of gel which can make your skin fresh and firm in the area that you apply by no need to massage.


o Naturally reducing stretch marks from nourishment

Distillate of Centella asiatica can nourish your skin from inside to outside and increase potential of protecting stretch marks, decrease edema, that make your skin smooth as silk.


Eliminated cellulite 

To enhance effective of eliminating visible cellulite and reduce the percentage of having new cellulite from now on and forever.

One of the result of COCORO HANAKO that we are prodded

Review from K. Aor, beautiful manager of COCORO HANAKO by HANAKO TOKYO. CO. Ltd., that be one of the product user by herself. It has an impressing result during pregnant that has a lot of stretch marks from rapidly extended skin. Although she especially took care of her skin during pregnant and used many high end brands to coconut oil, it can’t give a good result plus the weight that increased more than 20 kg.




She immediately used COCORO COOL after giving birth and the wound was recovered. For taking care the skin to be back as before, she regularly used three times or more a day if she is free and didn’t go out any where, but at least two times a day in the morning and evening regularly.




~  I specially like this product because it not only reduces stretch marks, but also firming skin to be good shape again and reduce cellulite after gave birth obviously. COCORO HANAKO COOL also has fresh scent that will be relax when using.



   Moreover, the cool gel in water formula can absorb into skin better and not sticky with a little bit cool when using that I really like it because it doesn’t too cool to burn skin. Personally, I don’t like cream that has hot feeling cause I’m afraid if I accidentally apply on sensitive area then my baby will feel burning too.



   That’s why COCORO COOL gel is suitable for mother who just giving birth because they have to breast-feed all the time so that we have to concern about products that we use. It is important to not burn and safe with baby.



~ Further more, COCORO COOL gel is easily used that just apply till it absorbs into your skin.



  No need to massage (that many mothers still not ready after giving birth) and no need to wrap because COCORO COOL gel is new innovation that the formula of the gel will work with hand’s heat while applying on skin. It is also comfortable, economise, and safety.




Let see how it works for beauty skin by COCORO COOL #cocorocool


• Allantoin increase moisturiser for skin



Chamomile Exteact (Anthemis nobilis flower oil) has qualified to antiseptic and heal a


wound. It helps to make skin soft, reduce irritant, reduce inflammation (anti-infla


matoty), and moisturise skin. Anti-oxidant can reduce swollen and clean the pore.



Cafeisilane C (Siloxanetriol Alginate (And) Caffeine (And) Butylene Glycol) SILANOL


from CAFFEINE and MANNURONIC ACID (ALGINIC ACID) combined together to become


SILANOL that has qualified to restrain the LIPOPROTEINS-LIPASE which will decrease


gathering of Fatty Acid and change to Triglyceride in cells. Secondly, It stimulates


Triglyceride Lipase in your cells to digest Triglyceride that gather in cells that will


decrease Triglyceride in fat cells. It is the mechanism of decreasing fat in cells.



Centella asiatica extract has antioxidant which decreases darkness, redness of skin,


scar and sore. It helps to increase collagen and elastin of skin, repair of destroyed cells


and reduce the size of scar.



Hyaluronate normally when we are older, our body will lower produce Hyaluronate


Acid by naturally so the skin will lose moisturiser and lack of elasticity that make skin


not healthy. This acid is produced and moisten by dermis level (lower level skin), then it


spreads to epidermis level (upper level of skin). Helping to keep moisturise more than


usual is its major role. The skin that has moisture enough will look young, firm, smooth


(plump effect), reduce wrinkle and has elasticity with soft and fresh so you will have


beauty skin.



#beautyskin #reducecellulite #fiemingbody #reduceedema #reducekeloid #takecareofstretchmarks


Best for Mommy

Firming cool gel that just apply, no need to massage. Popular for after giving birth mother, not burn skin and safe with baby. It can reduce stretch marks, belly, upper arm, thigh and edema. Helping to firm your skin, decompose fat, reduce cellulite and easy to wash with not sticky.


o Make a tri -glyceride fat cells decrease.

o Qualify inhibit . LIPOPROTEINS-LIPASE o SILANOL basic features is restore moisture to the skin. o As a mechanism to reduce the fat in the fat cells clearly.

o Work by SILANOL brought CAFFEINE and MANNURONIC ACID. (ALGINIC ACID) stickstogether to make a SILANOL.

o Reflect the reduction of fatty (FATTY ACID) into tri glyceride accumulation in the cells. o The main part of the structure , which is among the OH group, OH is an important component of the water.

o Cocoro Cool has compounds to be handfuls of Organic Silicon special collection. Developed by world-class research at Monaco.

o The mechanism is to stimulate the cell itself TRIGLYCERIDE LIPASE more work. ( Should be use continued you see the results more clearly. Results depend on skin type and regularity of use )


Just apply , no need to massage


Beauty specialist of natural distill invented how to easily use firming gel by yourself for stimulating of reduce cellulite and stretch marks deeply, only for COCORO HANAKO


  • Apply on belly, breast, hip and butt, 3-5 drops in each area 


  • Apply the gel and circling up till it absorbs and dry


  • Regularly use everyday after bath in the morning and evening, at least twice a day


  • It can use with other cream, specially suggested for pregnant mother during 7th month to 9th month, using with COCORO HANAKO protecting stretch marks cream


  • It can apply on every part except face


You can use device for measure of changing such as tapeline or taking photo at cellulite area before and after using.

Good quality product recommended by no.1 nationwide of magazine for mother.
Meet at bookstand today across the country!!
Thank you all celebrities mommy have put their trust in our products after giving birth


Reviews from customers who trust COCORO HANAKO COOL


Thank you for trusted COCORO to take care of your beauty and tell others.

Even a celebrity without children It wants COCORO For skin care as well, The result was satisfactory.


Thank you for trusted COCORO to take care of your beauty and tell others.

Congratulations Miss Grand Thailand 2015


Thank you for trusted COCORO to take care of your beauty and tell others.

Thanks to the lovely and told other.

You can track each other closely review the actual user . The INSTAGRAM: cocorohanako_official

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