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Natural Organic Body Oil Serum


Preventing stretch marks and firming breast to be perfectly beautiful


 COCORO Cool oil is easily absorb, prevent stretch marks while having pregnancy and reduce itching because of rapidly extended skin by special formula especially from COCORO.



From special formula of Japanese Centella asiatica, on Honchu Island in Japan. The Centella asiatica is planted by organic farm that doesn’t use any chemical in every step so that everyone can trust that the products are safe for all mother and baby with copyright only COCORO. It can help to naturally reduce stretch marks and help firming breast, not flabby from quickly extended breast when producing milk for baby.  



Special COCORO’s formula from distillate of Japanese Centella asiatica, can restore collagen and elastin under skin in cell’s level.


It helps to keep skin always moisturized and soft with fresh natural scent.




It is the best selling product of preventing stretch marks by obviously result and popular so it takes so much trusted from many actresses when they was pregnant. Seeing the reviews at instagram cocorohanako_official

“Specially advice for during 1-9 months of pregnancy or losing weight”

It will have great efficiency, if using since started pregnancy.  

With 100% natural organic ingredients, plant extracts to help firming breast and keep skin smooth, flexible and stretch mask control. Helps retain moisture to keep skin soft and smooth. Aroma scent derived from natural plants to relax. Without preservatives. Specially recommended during pregnancy 1-9 months or after weight loss.

With advance in science technology, which is in processing of register 3 copyrights


Good for :

  • Since pregnancy mother to enhance elasticity of skin and prevent stretch marks

  • For those who have flabby breast, not firming skin, and want to have smooth and firm breast

  • To firming body during pregnant

  • Take care of tighten wrinkled neck

  • Wrinkles skin after rapidly gain weight or lose weight

  • For those who want to firm their body and want to use organic products


 Size 100ml. (Cooling formula)


Lifetime: 2 years from manufacture date/ one year after opened using 


COCORO COOL ORGANIC Registration No.10-1-5716365



Newest innovation, privilege only COCORO HANAKO


From white cooling organic oil that we have founded and developed from COCORO Cool gel formula which is the most popular and efficiency. The special small formula can absorb into deeply skin and enhance elastic skin, smooth, prevent stretch marks, lifting breast and neck, efficiently keep moisturising into skin and make skin soft. It also increases collagen and elastin.



Enhancing beauty, firming, and protect your body by nourishing skin that make you want to show how beauty of your skin is.



Naturally protect skin from stretch marks

Distillate of Centella asiatica can nourish your skin from inside to outside and increase potential of protecting stretch marks, decrease edema, increase elastin of skin and keep moisturising into skin that make your skin smooth as silk. 


o Firming breast

During pregnancy, the breast will extend to product milk for baby so it will affect breast to be flabby and have stretch marks. COCORO organic has lighting fresh scent so you will feel fresh and relax your skin gratefully. Naturally lifting breast skin that you will feel like getting back to be teenager again.


o Firming neck

Most of women don’t take care of her neck so let COCORO organic help firming your neck and always smooth as young



o Firming body

Body will change during pregnancy and be stretch from many factors and including edema, so many women can’t get back to have firming body as before. Special organic oil of COCORO can help you to have firming body during pregnancy from now to forever.

Best for Pregnancy


COCORO Cool organic oil: prevent stretch marks during pregnancy between 1-9 months and firming breast just by coating, no need massaged and not burning your skin. It save for your baby because of 100% from natural organic distilled. It can prevent stretch marks, reduce edema, and naturally firm your breast.


Review from real users


I was starting used COCORO ORGANIC since I started pregnancy (second child)


The picture on top right is when I was first pregnancy at eighth month. I used every products except COCORO HANAKO because it didn’t have COCORO yet. My belly had a lot of stretch masks.


The picture on bottom right is after gave birth and continuing used COCORO COOL reducing stretch marks and cellulite for 3 months. My belly came back like before I have pregnancy so fast and stretch marks was disappear also.


The video on the left was taking when I was second pregnancy since third month with using COCORO ORGANIC products “Take care and protect stretch marks during pregnancy”. 


You can follow products’ using by Ms. Aor, reviewer of products and “COCORO brand manager” at @aora_spromsri


Review of after used COCORO ORGANIC protecting stretch marks during third month of pregnancy 

Review of after used COCORO ORGANIC protecting stretch marks during fourth month of pregnancy 

Review of after used COCORO ORGANIC protecting stretch marks during fifth month of pregnancy 

Review of after used COCORO ORGANIC protecting stretch marks during sixth month of pregnancy 

Review of after used COCORO ORGANIC protecting stretch marks during seventh month of pregnancy 

Review of after used COCORO ORGANIC protecting stretch marks during eighth month of pregnancy 

Good quality product recommended by no.1 nationwide of magazine for mother.

Only in COCORO HANAKO, beauty specialist of natural distilled, has researched how to easily use organic oil for lifting breast and protect stretch marks during pregnancy by yourself. 



How to use COCORO Cool organic for al pregnant mother: apply 3-5 drops of oil or more on belly area and others that you want such as thighs or upper arms. Circled apply till the oil absorbs into your skin. Regularly use everyday after bath in the morning and evening, Especially under navel till bikini line.


During up to fifth month should apply more than twice a day or you can apply as many times as you want. 




How to use COCORO Cool organic for lifting breast massage: apply 3-5 drops of oil or more surrounding breast, except nipple. Circling apply from outside to inside your body. Every time that your hands trough under breast, lift in up around 15 times per each side and apply till the oil absorbs into skin. Regularly use everyday after bath in the morning and evening, so that you will have beautifully firming breast.




1. Apply on belly, breast, hip and butt, 3-5 drops in each area 


2. Apply the gel and circling up till it absorbs and dry


3. Regularly use everyday after bath in the morning and evening, at least twice a day


4. It can use with other cream, specially suggested for pregnant mother during 7th month to 9th month, using with COCORO HANAKO protecting stretch marks cream


5. It can apply on every part except face

Thank you all of customers for trusting COCORO ORGANIC and taking care of protecting stretch marks since started pregnancy.




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