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We  Know...   What  "MOM"  Want




With skin problems that accumulated over a long time.


new !!! Stimulate regeneration is two-fold, "specially introduced. For mothers after birth for three years. 


Collagen is a special formulation of Cocoro performance. Working with innovative Push the gel into the skin. With the warm temperatures of the body from the palm. You can push the gel into the skin deeply. Unlike collagen, basically. The first and only easily absorbed with special help from Cocoro make a stretch marks look reduce.



This is usually known already. Apply Collagen general. If applied, it will only nourish the skin. Can not maintain the cell layer of the skin. Besides that you will eat collagen. But it will maintain all parts of the body can not only meet, choose to have. 




Centella asiatica extract, Japanese Formula Cocoro that has helped restore collagen and elastin under the skin at the cellular level. Help retain moisture The skin is always soft to the touch. Cool, refreshing aroma of natural comfort and relaxation. 



Warning: should a trial in the soft spot of the body you 20 minutes to test allergy before use. Do not apply during pregnancy or the postpartum period. Because of this important moment. Your skin irritation and allergic to very sensitive.



Size 80 ml. (Cooling Formula)


Lifetime 2 years from date of manufacture - the lifetime of one year from the date of opening.


COCORO COOL COLLAGEN Registration No.10-1-5826535




With the advance in science, the copyright only. Cocoro 


It is suitable for:

- As the mother after birth for more than 3 years. Because often encounter problems stretch marks deep surface is uneven skin wrinkles and sagging 

- Who has trouble, stretch marks. For a long time 

- Tighten sagging skin. 

- Reduce wrinkles from stretch marks 


The Difference 
Between Cool Collagen and Cool Anti Cellulite 

💧 Reduce stretch marks 💧 

Cool Collagen (Core Attribute)
the effectiveness of reducing fade stretch marks of Cocoro Cool Collagen will more than Cool Anti Cellulite. Because it will restore the collagen and elastin were equal. With Cool Anti Cellulite. It also effectively pushed into collagen to nourish the skin layer in with temperatures of the body from the palm. 


In addition to the extra power restoration from the inside to the top of the skin. And the treatment efficiency 
power warmth. With the push of collagen from top layer skin into the deep layer skin as well.
" Not suitable for pregnant mothers. And recently childbirth "

💧Reduce Cellulite💧
Cool Collagen (Supporting Attribute)
Reduce gradually, but the effect is not clear as Cool Anti Cellulite 


Cool Anti Cellulite (Core Attribute)
Effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite. Can clearly see Since the first use.
(Are obvious. For users with cellulite and skin flop extra) Use warm palms The body temperature of the user-driven as well.


💧Reducing postpartum edema💧
Cool Collagen (No have)


Cool Anti Cellulite (Core Attribute) Because the mother after birth, skin edema caused by the mechanisms of nature. After birth, need special products and specific to reduce the edema of the skin especially irritating to skin, and spitting aren Because the mother after birth the skin is sensitive, specially.

New Innovation Exclusive of COCORO HANAKO 


Gel formula with pink evening light. We invented and developed by formula COCORO COOL GEL has been especially popular and maximum results. The active substance in an ultra small molecule can penetrate the skin deeply. especially, The stretch marks is for a long time.


Help retain moisture. Regeneration and effectively by pushing Collagen directly into the skin at the spot you want and strengthen the Collagen and Elastin under the skin.


Strengthen the beauty and body. Skin tightening sagging) with treatment for your skin. Back beautiful attractive again.




o Deep stretch marks look reduce gradually the naturally.

Collagen intensive care from the outside to the inside, combined with extracts of Centella asiatica. Nourish your skin from the inside out. The restoration is two-fold enhancement helps retain moisture to keep skin soft. Delivers smooth, silky to the skin.



Tighten sagging skin.

Sagging skin is part of the mother after birth for trouble. And the lack of care for Cocoro Cool Collagen gives skin all over the body. Including your breast skin to tighten and smooth and youthful always.



o Reduces skin wrinkles wilt

After more than 3 years for mothers who already have stretch marks. Surface characteristics will change The skin around the stretch marks are buried. And wrinkled face of stretch marks. The areas where there are problems, it looks like a wrinkled old skin. Cracks and deterioration due to revenue-based. So regeneration great addition to restoring collagen and elastin under the skin to create a new skin by nature. It must be added in order to restore collagen on the skin by the Cool Collagen recipes from COCORO wrinkle care. To look beautiful, smooth skin. from now and forever


How to use: Apply morning and evening maintenance regularly, at least after bath 
(can be applied to more than 2 times. For increased efficiency) 

1. 2-3 pump or the skin, soft, moist and smooth. 

2. Stroke of the problem, cause the warmth to push into the inner skin collagen 

3. Apply until the gel is absorbed into the skin completely dry.  In addition to reduce stretch marks fade up. You will also have the skin soft and moist.




1. Apply on belly, breast, hip and butt, 3-5 drops in each area 


2. Apply the gel and circling up till it absorbs and dry


3. Regularly use everyday after bath in the morning and evening, at least twice a day


4. It can use with other cream, but should use "after applying cocoro until absorbed into the skin well before


5. It can apply on every part except face

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