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We  Know...   What  "MOM"  Want


Beauty products for mom and all women.

We create products of practical experience Directly from the issue of mother. You do not have to worry anymore because....

"We know What MOM WANT"

Miss. Nuttanitcha Chotsirimeteekul (Aor)

Co-Founder of COCORO HANAKO brand


She is workingwoman who has two kids that turn crisis into business opportunity by facing many problems while she was pregnancy till gave birth, especially cellulite and stretch marks.


Current position: Managing director and Brand manager

Thank you Ms. Aor’s picture from Ideo Magazine


From skin model to become a key part of the brand 

Ms. Aor always take care of her skin and body because one of her jobs is model and presenter that has so many works such as model and brand ambassador of Aviance, Bacardi (Japan), Cute Press Alpha Arbutin, Kasikorn bank, Toyota Avenza, Mitsubishi refrigerator, etc.



So She has to carefully take care of herself and choose only “the best and most effective things”.

Turn the abdominal stretch marks crisis into business inspiration.

I remember that before I fully turned to be mother that I was pregnant my first kid --Ryo, the last job that I worked was presenter for Cute Press Alpha Arbutin in 2012.


“ After I knew that I was pregnant, I always nourished my skin and I planed that after I gave birth, I will go back to be a presenter again. After the sixth month of pregnancy, I had a lot of stretch marks and more in the ninth month that also had cellulite in each part of my body. I’m so depressed.”


After facing the problem by herself and can’t find any products to solve it, Ms. Aor decided to consult with her uncle , who is managing director of HANAKO TOKYO (Thailand). CO., LTD, "Japanese cosmetics brand that is well known in Thailand for over 30 years" 


 At that time, about this problem. Her uncle gave so good advising to her.


After that, Ms. Aor started to ask LAB and researching team for research and development the new products to especially solve the problems that she had faced it.

Special extract from "Centella asiatica" 

Before becoming special COCORO HANAKO products

After consulting with LAB, it took time to research and develop the formula for 13 months. During the process, Ms. Aor was testing the formula by herself and then she got the best and very special formula that can really solve stretch marks problem naturally which is satisfied solution for her.


One of special extract that COCORO proud to present is the mixed of special extract from Japanese Centella asiatica, which is the copyright of COCORO from Honchu Island in Japan. That planted by organic farm that doesn’t use any chemical in every step so that everyone can trust that the products are safe for all mother and baby.


This special formula already registered a patent especially for COCORO HANAKO.

We only select the best material


For getting the best quality and abundant material, we select on the Centella asiatica, which we use to be the material of COCORO HANAKO products, that be harvested during May to September in each year only.


Special COCORO’s formula from extract of Japanese Centella asiatica,  can restore collagen and elastin under skin.


It helps to keep skin always moisturized and soft with fresh natural scent.

Result after used COCORO Cool Anti Cellulite

"When I was continually using COCORO Cool anti cellulite after gave birth to my first kid, Ryo, 90% of stretch marks are lighter, abdominal surface is smooth and firm, not wilt or dry, and without cellulite".


After Ms. Aor has used the products till she was confident that the products are good quality and efficiency, she increased the product line that especially for mom by using the name of COCORO HANAKO.


The highest target goal is “helping all mothers” because she has an experience of being mother. She found that who becomes mother has to exert and sacrifice for giving birth to little life to see the world. She is not only patient when pregnant, but the body that changing after gives birth also. 


“ We would to delete the phrase that “having one child will get older for 10 years” and change it to be “having one child will look younger for 10 years”.


“ Some women afraid of having children because they afraid that their body will change and not charm at all. Some people afraid of stretch marks or flabby breast but we can solve all of these problems.”


The first product that was launch is COCORO Cool anti cellulite for after give birth mother. It can help lighter stretch marks, reduce cellulite, firming body, and reducing edema.


Result after used COCORO Cool Organic (second pregnancy)

After launching COCORO Cool anti cellulite for one year, Ms. Aor was pregnant second child, Name Rome.


Ms. Aor and researching was doing research for new formula to prevent the stretch marks during pregnancy due to she afraid that stretch marks will happen  again. So this is why COCORO Cool organic is created.


There are comparison pictures of before using (first pregnancy) and after using (second pregnancy) "COCORO Cool Organic" since stared pregnancy till the ninth month at the same place, same bed, and same examination room of Dr. Boonchai Euapairoj, top obstetrician in Thailand, at BNH Hospital.  

In the second pregnancy, it didn’t have any stretch marks that was totally different from the first pregnancy.

You can see other reviews at IG: cocorohanako_officail and

Our Products

Review from Thailand Super Star

Thank you so much for all of customers who trusted and using COCORO to take care of your skin and body to be perfectly beautiful since having pregnancy till give birth.


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Inatagram : cocorohanako_official

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“Cocoro Cool very grateful. After the bottle is gone now ordered a second bottle then. At first, i have stretch marks after giving birth to the thighs and then improved it. Now i can wear shorts as it was then.”

-Sukontawa Komsatoon

You can found our products at

CENTRAL Department Store 16 Branches



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And Cocoro Dealer around the country.















How to turn stretch marks crisis into opportunity


Thank you MOM CLUB TV show for invited COCORO HANAKO and Ms. Aor, Brand Manager, and her family to join the show for sharing some tips of taking care of stretch marks for mother.

What stretch marks from?


Thank you Gossip Moms TV show that invited COCORO HANAKO to share and educate about stretch marks to all people.

Amazing reduce cellulite gel


Thank you Naree Mouth TV show for invited COCORO HANAKO to join the show and advise good products for all mothers after giving birth.

Problems while pregnancy



They invited COCORO HANAKO to join the show for giving advising of good products for all mothers after giving birth.

Product review from Dr. Kate ( The owner of Khongkwan Clinic )


Thank you Dr. Kongkuan Fujitnirun, Dr. Kate, who is the specialist in beauty and laser. She is very popular in hi-society. She is the one who loves COCORO products and she gives COCORO to be the one of her favourite “Really appreciated”.


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