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​​SINCE 1991

HANAKO TOKYO Is the Japanese skin & beauty care brand in Thailand for over 20 years. We are a Professional Asian skin problems. With the model and recognized over 1 million members in countries around the world. Furthermore, COCORO HANAKO was created at 2012 to produce the Mother Care products are of the highest quality. Through world-class GMP Peace of mind. Extracts from selected Grade (A). The result is successful. All products have increased. / FDA.

Cocoro Hanako by Hanako Tokyo Co., Ltd. (Bangkok, Thailand) we are a professional Menufacturer of Beauty Product for Mommy

从199年,HANAKO TOKYO 是日本皮肤美容护理品牌在泰国二十年多。我们是亚洲皮肤问题的专业。 我们在世界各国有一百万多的顾客。COCORO HANAKO 被创建于 2012 年生产出最高质量的母亲护理产品。通过世界级的GMP,被选择时等级A。结果是成功,所有的产品都增加/FDA。

Cocoro Hanako by Hanako Tokyo 有根公司 (泰国,曼谷)。我们是母亲美容产品生产厂家的专业。

. To do Export to Worldwide.


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